My New Cookbook: Big Vegan Flavor!

My second cookbook, Big Vegan Flavor, is available for preorder!

Learn the fundamentals to master vegan cooking and enjoy 150 outstanding recipes for all kinds of occasions: fancy dinner parties, busy weeknights, leisurely weekend brunches, and more!

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After 3+ years and over two thousand recipe tests, I’m so excited to announce my second cookbook, Big Vegan Flavor: Techniques and 150 Recipes to Master Vegan Cooking

Throughout this (600-page!) book, you’ll learn the principles behind great vegan cooking so you can reach your full, plant-savvy potential in the kitchen—whether you’re a long-term vegan or simply plant curious. 

Part one is a comprehensive guide to mastering vegan cooking. You’ll learn how to coax the most out of simple ingredients like beans and grains, how to nail essential flavor pairings and impossible-to-resist textures, and how to master a wide variety of techniques for making vegetables taste genuinely delicious. 

In the second part, you’ll find 150+ meticulously tested, big flavor recipes. The recipes include notes for customizing based on your preferences and dietary needs, ideas for combining individual components into complete meals, and tips for prepping meals ahead of time.

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What's Inside

Learn techniques for maximizing flavor and how to spice up your cooking.

Globally inspired recipes to excite and delight your tastebuds. 

Tons of homemade condiments so big flavor meals are always a snap away.

Tips, tricks, and strategies for making vegetables the star of your plate. 

Celebration-worthy meals you’ll turn to for all the special occasions in your life. 

Access to bonus video content so you can master all of my-most used techniques.


You might be wondering why should I order a book that won’t be here for several months? Well, here’s the truth about the publishing industry. 

The number of preorders determines so many things, including

  • How many stores will carry my book and how many copies they’ll order;
  • Where the stores will sell the book (e.g., having the book sold in Target stores > having the book sold only on;
  • Media coverage and which opportunities may be opened up as a result of strong preorders;
  • The overall success of the book (think bestseller lists, award nominations, future cookbook opportunities).

I would be so grateful and honored if you pre-ordered a copy of my cookbook. You can purchase it online here or ask your local bookstore to order you a copy!


There are so many recipes in this book that I can’t wait for you to try. Here’s a small sampling to whet your appetite!

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