Peach Panzanella Salad

"Amazing! This salad hits the flavor jackpot!"

"I was a fan of panzanella salad before, but this has taken it to a whole other level."

"We just finished this and I'm already planning to have it again very soon!"

Today, we're making Peach Panzanella Salad!

Start by slicing bread into one-inch cubes, tossing in olive oil and salt.

Bake at 350 degrees until toasted and crisp.

Meanwhile, chop peaches and tomatoes and transfer to a colander fitted over a bowl.

Sprinkle them with salt and allow the fruit juices to collect in the bowl (for 15 minutes, while the bread is baking).

In a large bowl combine the  tomatoes and peaches, along  with the red onion and sliced basil.

Add the toasted bread cubes and vinaigrette, tossing to coat.

Allow the panzanella salad to rest for 30 minutes before serving, tossing the salad occasionally if you can.

Season with salt and pepper and a little bit more fresh basil before serving.