How to Make Preserved Lemons

"I made these a while ago and absolutely love using them! They somehow make salad dressings, dips or sauces so much more delicious and flavorful"

"First time making fermented lemon – excellent recipe. Can’t wait to try using it different ways."

"These are INCREDIBLE! I love adding them to soups and sauces, they add so much flavor!"

Let's make Preserved Lemons!

and add kosher salt to a jar.

First, wash your lemons,

Cut off a thin slice from both ends and slice lengthwise into each lemon.

Make sure to keep the lemon attached at the base.

Stuff each lemon cavity with kosher salt,

then squeeze the lemon together to close it up.

Add the lemons to a large glass jar.

Push down and cover the lemons with their juices.


Let the lemons rest at room temperature for 3 weeks, gently shaking once a day for two weeks.

When they're ready, scoop out the flesh and mince the peels.

Add to savory dishes.

An easy way to use preserved lemon peel is to add it to a vinaigrette and pour over a grain salad or chickpeas!

For more ways to use preserved lemons, check out the blog post linked on the next slide!

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