the absolute best


"This burrito is insanely good!"

"they were all a huge hit. Even the tofu-haters loved it."

"Hands down the best tasting breakfast burrito I have ever eaten"

Today, we're making Vegan Breakfast Burritos!

Start with the cheese sauce.

Add coconut yogurt, salsa, spices, pickled jalapeños, and nutritional yeast to blender.

Blend until creamy and smooth.

Crumble a block of tofu in a bowl, then add nutritional yeast and plant-based milk.

Next, the tofu scramble.

Fry the tofu until lightly browned.

Add the eggy sauce and fold to combine.

Cube the peeled potatoes, then toss with oil.

Sprinkle the cornstarch mixture over the potatoes.

Time to start on the potatoes.

Roast in the oven for 18 to 20 minutes.

Then, sprinkle with sea salt.

Finely mince a serrano pepper.

Dice a red onion.

Combine the serrano pepper, onion, salt, and lime in a large bowl.

Now, let's make the salsa.

Time to assemble the burrito!

Roll the burritos, then griddle until the outside is golden brown.

Slice in half and enjoy!