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Weekly vegan meal plans designed for busy people

  • Fall in love with cooking
  • Save time and money
  • Make dinnertime a breeze
Meal Plans by Rainbow Plant Life
Meal Plans by Rainbow Plant Life

It’s Tuesday night. The fridge is buzzing softly in the corner. In the air hangs that all-too-familiar question…

“What’s for dinner?”

Strapped for time and with your stomach grumbling louder than a rock concert, you settle for the usual options:

A simple, boring meal that leaves you craving something more


Greasy, overpriced takeout that zaps your energy (and your bank account)

But what if there was a third option?

What if you could enjoy exciting, nourishing dinners without the stress?

Imagine stepping into the kitchen at
6 pm knowing you have a head start
on dinner.

The menu is set, the ingredients are
prepped, and all you have to do is
turn on the stove.

Sound too good to be true?


Done-for-you meal plans that take the guesswork off your plate so you can enjoy plant-based dinners WITHOUT the hassle of recipe-hunting and grocery list-making.

It was so easy and carefree to have wonderful meals without having to do all the thinking! 

I usually spend hours picking recipes and making my shopping list but the meal plan did all that work for me.

You’ll be able to shop and prepare the meals quickly and easily. You’ll probably spend a lot less time in the kitchen and you’ll be eating healthy delicious meals.

I love that each day is about 25 minutes and doesn’t make a big mess.

Virginia R.

Meal Plans Fan

The meal plan is a one-stop shop for flavorsome dishes that are accessible and filling. It takes all the labor out of arduous meal prep, helping you save time and effort by handing you everything you need for the week. 

Nisha has thought of every detail and it’s comprehensive without being overwhelming. I really appreciated how thorough the plan was and the fact that it included tips and tricks for prep, storage and planning. 

The meal plan made me realize how much of a difference a little bit of food prep makes.

Claire A.

Meal Plans Fan

With Rainbow Plant Life meal plans, you can:


Step into weeknights with ease. Your shopping is done, you know exactly what to cook, and your ingredients are prepped and ready to go.


Rediscover the joy of cooking with fresh recipes and techniques that’ll delight your tastebuds and inspire you to create memorable meals in your kitchen.


Each meal plan is thoughtfully designed to use the same ingredients in multiple recipes so you can reduce waste, save money, and support a greener planet.


Our organized, done-for-you shopping lists will have you in and out of the grocery store faster than you can say “kale yeah!”


With all the meal planning and guesswork taken off your plate, you’ll have more time and energy to invest in the people and activities you truly care about.

If anyone is looking for an incredibly well-thought-out all-encompassing meal plan that’s easy to follow, has quick weekday meals and is SOOOO flavourful – this is the meal plan for you!! 

I appreciate how detailed this meal plan is. It leaves no questions and it is laid out incredibly well.

The variety of the meals, even though they use many of the same ingredients, is impressive! LOVE this whole process and the deliciousness of every single meal! I highly recommend it.

Jolene S.

Meal Plans Fan

You won’t have to think about anything! You just follow the steps and you know you’ll have a delicious, healthy, cheaper meal every day. 

The meal plan gives you the possibility to have a delicious meal every day of the week, plus a stress-free plan for it

I usually don’t do any meal prep at all and just do the whole thing in one go. But now, with the small meal prep on Sunday, it really is easier to get started cooking, and everything is shorter and less stressful.

Samuel A.

Meal Plans Fan

Nisha is the first vegan cook whose recipes genuinely ignited my excitement for vegan dishes.

Her meals are bursting with flavor and they consistently turn out fantastic.

I would recommend the meal plan for its ability to remove the hassle of decision-making, stress, time, and planning from your weekly routine.

While I am not a vegan, I find myself eating significantly less meat, a change largely due to these delicious recipes. 

Jacob A.

Meal Plans Fan

Take a closer look at our meal plans

Meal Plans Sneak Peek
Meal Plans Sneak Peek

Here’s what you get every single week:

Ever-Changing Weekly Menu

Each week’s seasonal menu contains three outstanding dinner recipes and one delectable side salad (cuz greens are important, ya know?!).

Streamlined Grocery Lists

Each meal plan contains a categorized grocery list for all the recipes on that week’s menu, so you won’t need to spend any time making one yourself.

Mini Meal Prep Steps

Dedicate a slice of your Sunday to prep, and you’ll be basking in hours of free time all week long. We show you what components to make-ahead and what veggies to prep so your weeknight dinners are quick and effortless.

Allergen Substitutions

Whether you’re gluten-free, allergic to nuts, or not feeling one of the ingredients, we’ve got you covered. Each recipe comes with a comprehensive list of easy peasy swaps so your meals will be both scrumptious and safe.

Shortcuts & Emergency Meal Ideas

When life throws you a curveball ― we’ve got you covered. Each meal plan includes a list of tips & shortcuts to make meal times even faster. And our emergency meal ideas can help you get dinner sorted in minutes.

Here’s what a typical week looks like


Hello, Delicious!

Check your email — your weekly meal plan just dropped! Peek at the tasty lineup and start dreaming about the plant-based magic you’re about to whip up.


Shop ‘Til You Drop

Grab your groceries. With our categorized grocery list, you’ll be in and out of the store in no time – high five to efficiency!


Prep Like a Pro

Get your prep on. Take 60 to 90 minutes to chop, mix, and portion – think of it as your kitchen’s opening act.


Chef Mode: Activated

Dinner is served! With the heavy lifting out of the way, putting together gourmet meals has never been easier.


Become a better, faster home cook with our six free Bonus Guides!

To help you master meal planning, I’m including six bonus guides with a combined value of $97 for FREE with your membership.

The Ultimate Guide to Beans & Lentils

Discover my secrets for cooking beans & lentils perfectly AND how to use them to pack a nutritional punch in your meals.

The Grains & Starches Handbook

AKA your go-to resource for cooking quinoa, rice, and potatoes just right. Plus, how to make them the perfect supplement to your main meals.

How to Stock Your Fridge and Pantry

Find out my must-have ingredients to minimize impromptu grocery trips, save money, and whip up delicious meals on a whim.

The Complete Guide to Substitutions

Learn how our recipes can work for your dietary needs. Clever swaps and tips so you can enjoy every meal without compromising on flavor.

How to Store Leftovers

Discover the best ways to extend your leftovers, properly store produce, and repurpose ingredients into other recipes.

The Fresh Herbs Companion

Add a burst of flavor to any dish by learning how to use and store your favorite fresh herbs.

This is a great way to save time and not have to think about food and cooking as much, while also making meals that are delicious and well-balanced.

I loved the ease with which my partner was able to cook during the week when I had to get back home late (without having to call me 15 times to get explanations on how to make what).

With the meal plan, I have more time for myself and less stress during planning and making meals.

Agnieszka Z.

Meal Plans Fan

This meal plan helped me better prepare for the week ahead and saved me money on food and groceries. 

It is a fantastic option for busy people and Nisha’s recipes are always so delicious.  

I love the organization and suggestions for additional time-saving and substitutions. This meal plan is really well laid out, especially for folks who are strapped for time.

Nora T.

Meal Plans Fan

Ready for easier, tastier weeknight dinners?

For less than the cost of one oat milk latte per week, let us handle the burden of meal planning.

12 Months

First 7 days free, then


per month
$180 billed annually

3 Months

First 7 days free, then


per month
$54 billed every 3 months

Taste the Difference in 7 Days

Try our meal plans risk-free with a 7-day trial and see just how easy meal times can be. If it’s not a perfect fit or doesn’t ease your weeknight dinner routine, simply cancel before your subscription kicks in!

We’ll even remind you a few days before the trial runs out, so it’s totally risk-free!

Hey, lovely! I’m Nisha ―

You might know me from my cooking website or YouTube channel, Rainbow Plant Life, where I’ve helped over 1 million busy home cooks master vegan cooking.

In my conversations with hundreds of folks in our vibrant community, one thing is crystal clear.

You’re eager for a way to put together delicious, low-stress meals on busy weeknights.

That’s why I created these weekly meal plans.

So you can walk into your kitchen on a Tuesday night with the heavy lifting already done.

No more endless searching for what to cook, no more incomplete grocery lists, and no more marathon cooking sessions.

These meal plans are your shortcut to wholesome, tasty weeknight dinners so you can free up more time and energy for the things you love.

(It’s like being able to have your vegan chocolate cake and eat it too!)

So, take a deep breath and leave all the intricate planning and nitty-gritty details to me.

Your role is simple: follow the steps, relish in the straightforward cooking process, and enjoy scrumptious meals (and the extra time!) with your loved ones.

Ready to get healthy yet gourmet vegan dinners on the table without all the stress?

Frequently Asked Questions

The meal plans are quite flexible and can work well for households from 1 to 4. 

Each week’s three dinner recipes generously serves four portions. And our side salads stretch these meals out even more; they typically make enough to pair with two of the dinner recipes, and occasionally all three. 

If you cook for two, you’ll have tasty leftovers for weekday lunches or for another weeknight dinner. 

If you cook for four, you’ll get a nice mix of structure and flexibility. Three hearty main meals each week means you’ve got a solid plan, but still have plenty of wiggle room for those spontaneous dinners out, special occasions, or family pizza night. 

If you cook for one, you have several different options to tailor the meal plans to your schedule and appetite. 

For instance, you can make all the recipes and be set for nearly the entire week with lunch and dinner. If you’d prefer more flexibility, you can opt to make just two of the three dinner recipes in a given week. Our Grocery List – By Recipe page will help you shop just for specific recipes instead of all of them.

Many meal plans also contain recipes that are marked as “freezer-friendly” so you can enjoy these dinners and freeze remaining leftovers for busy weeks. 

Ultimately, this calculation is up to you, but I wanted to share the three reasons I believe the value far outstrips the cost.

First, your quality of life gets better. Take a moment to read the testimonials dotted throughout this page. Over and over, you’ll see the same thing: meal plan users are eating more nourishing meals, they’re getting dinner on the table faster, and they’re excited about cooking weeknight meals.

Second, you will almost certainly save money. If you order takeout just one fewer time per month as a result of the meal plans, you’ve already made back the price of the service and then some. If you order takeout two or three fewer times per month, you’ve made an incredible return on your investment.

Finally, it would be extremely challenging for most home cooks to do this style of meal planning on their own. For most weeks of the meal plan, I had to develop new recipes to complement my existing ones. I needed to ensure that the meals had overlapping ingredients and shared components; without them, you wouldn’t actually save any time when it comes to your weeknight meals. 

Only you can determine if this aligns with your needs and goals, but we’re confident that for many folks, our meal plans will be a game-changer.

If you complete the meal prep steps, then most meals come together in 30-ish minutes. For all recipes, we include the estimated active and inactive cooking time so you can plan accordingly.

Of course, cooking times will vary from home cook to home cook, depending on your experience level. But, the more you cook and the better prepared your pantry is, the quicker you’ll become!

While eating more plant-based meals can lead to awesome long-term health benefits (hello, energy boost!) ― these meal plans aren’t specifically designed for weight loss. 

Instead, we focus on crafting meals that are satisfying and won’t leave you wanting something more. Think dinners that are rich in nutrients and flavor.

Yes! Each recipe comes with gluten-free and nut-free substitutions so you can safely enjoy each meal without compromising on flavor. Plus, with The Complete Guide to Substitutions (a bonus guide you get for free when you become a subscriber!), you’ll find easy alternatives for allergens, as well as unavailable ingredients and flavor preferences.

Please note that we are not able to provide substitutions for soy allergies at this time.

I try to stick to ingredients that are available at well-stocked grocery stores. If you’re familiar with vegan cooking, very few, if any, of the ingredients will be “new” to you. 

Occasionally, when I make a recipe from a different culture, I will include a specialty ingredient or three if it’s worth it (similar to the recipes I share on my website and YouTube channel). The meal plan will contain instructions on where you can find these ingredients (both at local stores or online) as well as substitutions if you can’t find them.

There are some fan-favorite recipes from my blog in these meal plans.

But the majority of the recipes are exclusive creations you won’t find anywhere else – including my blog and YouTube channel.

I specially crafted these recipes for the Meal Plans in order to give you a unique and diverse cooking experience while keeping things efficient in the kitchen. 

100%. You get lifetime access to all the recipes that land in your inbox during your subscription. Save ‘em in a digital folder or print them out so you have an arsenal of delicious recipes to pull from when you’re craving something different or want to impress your dinner guests.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. When you sign up for the meal plans, you’ll get access to a customer hub from which you can cancel your subscription. If you forget how to access it, you can always email us at and my team will be happy to help.

If you signed up for a quarterly subscription and then cancel, your subscription simply won’t renew after the 3 months have elapsed (though, of course, we’ll still send you any meal plans remaining in that period). If you signed up for an annual subscription, same thing except your subscription won’t renew after the 12 months have elapsed. 

At this time, there is no option to pause your subscription. However, because you get to keep all the meal plans that are sent to you during the term, you can always take advantage of them at a later date.

Given the digital format of these meal plans and the bonus of keeping all the recipes that land in your inbox ― refunds aren’t available. 

However, you can try out the meal plans risk-free by signing up for our 7-day free trial. We’ll even remind you a few days before your trial ends.

I’m all ears! Just email us at

The meal plan takes away the stress of what to cook for dinner. Which gives my brain space to get on with my day, knowing that I have already made a head start on dinner, and that I have a tasty, nutritious meal to look forward to.

The meal plan gave me fresh cooking inspiration and made me excited for dinner.

I really appreciate that the plan doesn’t use expensive ingredients. Just try it!

Lisa S.

Meal Plans Fan

Pay someone else to do the hard thinking for you!

We were so impressed by how well thought out, comprehensive, and beautifully presented every thing was. A minimal amount of effort [during meal prep] pays huge dividends throughout the week.

This plan will help you organize your meal planning and execution so that you can easily make high quality, delicious meals without a fuss.

Teresa & Thomas B.

Meal Plans Fans

Still on the fence?

There’s one more thing I want you to know…

You are worthy of eating delicious, wholesome meals that make your body happy and your tastebuds dance. 

You deserve to look forward to dinner every night, whether it’s with your family or curling up in front of the TV with your comfort dish.

And you shouldn’t let the chaos and stress of organizing dinners steal this joy from you!

If you love the challenge of meal planning and don’t mind the time it takes you, that’s great. 

But if you’ve ever wished *someone else* could take over and lighten this load, we’ve got you covered for less than the cost of one oat milk latte per week. 

Our meal plans are designed to give you back precious time to enjoy with loved ones (or just for yourself) and enable you to savor delicious, wholesome meals.

So, what do you say?

I’m ready to make weeknight meals better than ever!