31 Days of Vegan Challenge

Start the new year right by getting some amazing vegan recipes sent to your inbox for the next 31 days.

Better yet, you’ll have the opportunity to win amazing kitchen prizes just for making them. Now that’s what I call a win-win!

Introducing the Rainbow Plant Life 31 Days of Vegan Challenge!

As the new year begins, interest in plant-based cooking skyrockets. Soooo many people are looking for wholesome and delicious vegan meal ideas to kick off the year on the right foot.

To celebrate and help you on your journey, we’ve created the 31 Days of Vegan Challenge.

What is the 31 Days of Vegan Challenge? 

Every day in January, we’ll be sharing a vegan recipe with anyone who signs up for the challenge. Each recipe is a fan favorite (4.9 star rating or better!) and 100% vegan.

To make things even more fun, we’re giving away some amazing prizes

In a nutshell, here’s how it works:

  • You sign up for the challenge.
  • You make any of the recipes on our email list.
  • You enter to win prizes.

We’re giving away prizes on a weekly basis and we have an unbelievable grand prize that we’ll give away at the end of the month. The more recipes you make, the greater chance you’ll have of winning. 

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Join the 31 Days of Vegan Challenge

    Let me tell you, these are not just any prizes. I’m talking about kitchen tools you’ll actually want to use on a daily basis – things like a Vitamix, high quality dutch ovens, my favorite spices, and much more.

    The Grand Prize – a $1000+ Value! 

    The grand prize package consists of three parts:

    How to Enter to win the grand Prize

    • Sign up for the email series (see form above).
    • Make any of the recipes featured in the email series during the month of January, snap a picture, and email it to me at contest@rainbowplantlife.com anytime during January (must be before 11:59pm PT on January 31st, 2023).
    • Each recipe you make counts as one entry (e.g., if you make 5 different recipes and send in photos of each of them, it counts as 5 entries). 

    Weekly Prizes

    In addition to the grand prize, we’re giving away prizes every week exclusively over on Instagram!

    Here are the prizes on offer:

    1. Instant Pot Duo Plus + The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook (signed by me, the author!) 
    2. Great Jones Starting Lineup (Sheet Pan, Mini Dutch Oven, and Sauté pan)
    3. Burlap and Barrel 12-Piece Spice Set 
    4. Staub All Day Pan with Glass Lid 

    How to enter to win Weekly Prizes

    • Follow me on instagram @rainbowplantlife 
    • Make one of the recipes featured in this email series
    • Share a photo of your recipe on your IG feed (must be public) and add the hashtag #RPLVeganChallenge.

    We’ll be doing four drawings in January. The more entries you make, the greater the chance you’ll have of being selected. And you can use the same photo for the weekly prize and for the grand prize, so be sure to enter for both!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can participate in the challenge?

    We welcome everyone to sign up for the email list and start receiving amazing vegan recipes in their inbox.

    However, due to exorbitant shipping costs, we can only ship these prizes to addresses within the 48 contiguous United States. Sincere apologies to our Alaskan, Hawaiian, and international friends!

    What sort of recipes are we talking about?

    Each recipe is a Rainbow Plant Life fan favorite (4.9 rating or higher) and 100% vegan. 

    Whether you’re a longtime vegan or just curious about plant-based eating, you’re sure to find inspiration. You’ll find everything from hearty soups and stews to light and refreshing lettuce wraps, as well as tasty snacks and breakfast ideas.

    Do I need to be vegan to enter or eat vegan for the entire month? 

    Nope! You just need to be willing to try out some vegan recipes.

    But if you are already vegan, you’ll still find lots of exciting and fun recipes in this challenge.

    Can I adapt the recipe(s) to meet my nutritional / dietary needs?

    Sure, as long as you keep with the spirit of the recipe and keep things vegan :)

    How will I know you received my photo(s) via email?

    Any time you email contest@rainbowplantlife.com, you should get an automatic email reply that says something to the effect of “Thank you for submitting your photo entry!”

    Make sure to check your Spam, Promotions, and Junk folders and double check you sent it to the correct email address.

    Remind me how I can sign up for this challenge?

    Enter your information in the form below to receive 31 days of vegan recipes and to be eligible to enter to win some amazing kitchen prizes.

    Join the 31 Days of Vegan Challenge

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      119 comments on 31 Days of Vegan Challenge

      1. Nick

        Thank you for the fun contest! I enjoyed both remaking some of my favorites and trying several new favorites!

        Your stroganof and cream of mushroom soup are my hands down newest favorites. So good!

        Your chili was already a favorite. I made it again just in time for some cold weather that came through.

        1. Kaitlin @ Rainbow Plant Life

          Woohoo, Nick! Awesome to hear you loved the challenge. Those are a few of our favorites as well! :)

      2. Sina

        Like everyone else who commented, I really enjoyed learning new recipes and ways to make vegan cooking more savory and fun. And…I’m also wondering when will you announce the winner? :-D

        1. Kaitlin @ Rainbow Plant Life

          Hi Sina, we’re thrilled you enjoyed the recipes! The weekly winners were announced each Monday on Instagram and the grand prize winner was chosen from the email competition, announced on IG and emailed. You can see the winners at the bottom of the post here: https://rainbowplantlife.com/31-days-of-vegan-recap/

      3. Julie Burge

        Nisha, I absolutely loved this #RPLVeganChallenge and made more food than I could imagine this month. I haven’t made every recipe…yet. Even today, I’m adding stuff to my grocery list for the next couple – Caramelized Onion Pasta and Tempeh Tacos. Hands down favorites this month were the Tofu Scramble, Sofritas and the Mexican Black Beans. Yep, my kitchen did smell like Chipotle for 2 days after! And all these leftovers were combined into a yummy breakfast burrito! Delicious, amazing recipes that made me step out of my comfort zone. I do have a baby mouth so I adjusted the heat, but still. Amazing and will definitely make again. This challenge has been so much fun! I do hope you do this again. Prize or not, I’ve gained so much in knowledge in this month long mini-cooking course that it’s worth everything. Thank you!

        1. Kaitlin @ Rainbow Plant Life

          So cool to hear you’ve gained so much from the vegan challenge, Julie! Thanks for sharing the dishes you made with us, we’re grateful you participated :)

      4. Rita Delmar

        Thank you so much for the wonderful idea of the veganuary contest. I’ve learned so much, was introduced to some amazing herbs, flavors, cooking some delicious Indian/Italian and various types of meals, soups, learned how to make awesome hummus and much more. A wonderful and well appreciated free cooking class for an opportunity to win something while we all actually won with all the free teaching that you’ve given us. Thank YOU Nisha💕

        1. Kaitlin @ Rainbow Plant Life

          You’re very welcome, Rita! We are so pleased to be able to provide so many delicious vegan recipes for our readers. So lovely to hear you got so much from the challenge, thanks for sharing!

      5. Phyllis Warner

        Thanks for the Janveganuary challenge. I made so many new and delicious meals this past month. My posts were liked by my friends and many of them wanted your recipes. I am just happy I did this.

        1. Kaitlin @ Rainbow Plant Life

          Aw, we are delighted to hear it Phyllis! :) Thank you so much for participating in the challenge, we’re grateful for you! :)

      6. Mitch

        Dear Nisha, I have deep gratitude for the #RPLVeganChallenge and for this whole veganuary adventure. My culinary horizons have widened, my pantry fuller and my spices— overgrown! It’s as though I took a class on learning how to cook wonderful vegan food. Through the course of this challenge, I fell in love with cumin and italian spices, made peace with beans, and found a surprising toothsome friend in kale. Aside from the culinary deep dive into all sorts of flavors and techniques (#GremolataGamechanger), I’ve also honed a sense of discipline and my dopamine thanks you for it. It’s not just free recipes, which we got I think (and all the recipes were absurdly, immaculately delicious! A special shoutout to your chili and sofritas as well as all the heavenly bean-y soups, authentic curries, and delectable, creamy pastas! Your breakfast cookies and the unbelievably eggy tofu. I suppose I might as well give a shoutout to everything. Anyway—) we, or at least I, have gained an arsenal against meaty cravings and reversions, and the opportunity to rewrite old food loves into a healthier sort of soul food. I’ve had a lot of food restrictions due to my health conditions but it doesn’t matter anymore: can’t eat meat: there’s mushrooms and lentils and tofu and beans, can’t have dairy: there’s cashews and coconut and the indulgent silky splurge of extra virgin olive oil. The once carnivorous saturation of flavor replaced by an even wider palate of eclectic spices. I’ve lost food groups but I’ve never been in a greater state of abundance. I can even share the food with my (ultra-carnivorous) family and have a sense of sociality and shared creation again during meal times, which is what I’ve missed the most since going plant-based: the aspect of gathering and pivoting amidst food and story. In a nutshell, this was a fantastic experience in itself. The prizes even seem to fade into foreground with all that has been received. With that, I extend all my gratitude. Please continue your great work— it’s not just about good food, it’s so much more!

        1. Nisha

          Hi Mitch! Wow. Thank you so much for this incredible feedback. I literally teared up reading it. I am so honored and excited that this challenge had such a big impact on your cooking and approach to food. I know it can be difficult to have food restrictions, but your approach and attitude are incredible. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us!

      7. Joan

        My takeaway from the vegan challenge is that I ate delicious food, lost a few pounds and left my food comfort zone to try new foods (which tasted great).
        If I were to make a suggestion for the next challenge, it would be to list, at the beginning, all the new ingredients so that those of us who live in podunk towns could order online. That was an obstacle for me.
        But the challenge was fun. I looked forward to receiving each recipe….even the tofu scramble was a pleasant surprise. Lol.
        Thank you, Nisha.

        1. Kaitlin @ Rainbow Plant Life

          We’ll take that into consideration, Joan! So good to hear you enjoyed the recipes :)

      8. Simran

        OMG! I can’t believe it’s already February 1st. Thank you so much Nisha! Me and my family enjoyed the recipes so much. I actually looked forward to getting daily emails. And this challenge got my family to open to new foods! I am thirteen years old and I made every single recipe! Thanks Nisha!!!!

      9. Simran

        When will winners be announced?

      10. Tyler

        Good morning! I cannot believe it is already February 1st. Thank you so much for the wonderful meals. Our family loved them. We looked forward your daily emails. We were truly excited to see what was on the menu. I definitely made a lot of friends at the market. I think I am now a regular… Our child, who is ten also loved them. I will most likely continue to use a lot of your recipes. Thank you again for everything! I am very excited to see what Nisha “cooks up” next!

      11. Nancy

        I’ve enjoyed making most of the recipes, there are a couple I’m yet to try, I know I’ll get to them. It has truly been a blessing to have started this year with such delicious and healthy way. What started as a #vegachallenge has now been a way of life. I’ve decided to become vegan. I feel great and I’m able to enjoy food again and I’m not going back. Thank you Nisha for showing me that it’s possible to live a healthier life without having to sacrifice taste.

      12. Meiji

        I am very thankful for the #RPLVeganChallenge that it forced me to cook the recipes no matter how daunting they may seem. No regrets for i have opened my palate in a whole new world of tastes, flavors and textures. Thank you Nisha and team for all that you do in rainbow plant life. You are very much appreciated.

        I was late in joining so i may continue to receive the emails even past january. After that, i am going to miss receiving them. I have actually excitedly looked forward to receiving your mails everyday this past month. It somehow made my days easier by not having to think of what menu to prepare for the day, you decide it for me 😁

        Good luck in your future endeavors and I’ll continue to see you in your channel!

      13. Sarah

        This was my first tempeh recipe (tacos), and was very tasty! But you must do the combo… avocado sauce, tempeh, and pickled shallot :) I didn’t have cilantro so used parsley and dill and vegan mayo not sour cream, but yummy nonetheless. Love the contest idea! Thank you for sharing your vegan recipes with us :)

      14. Sarah

        This was my first tempeh recipe, and was very tasty! But you must do the combo… avocado sauce, tempeh, and pickled shallot :) I didn’t have cilantro so used parsley and dill and vegan mayo not sour cream, but yummy nonetheless.

        1. Hannah @ Rainbow Plant Life

          Hi Sarah, so glad to hear your first tempeh recipe was a success! :) Next time, would you mind leaving a rating alongside your review? Star ratings are big help to readers who are thinking of making the recipe. Thanks!

      15. Janet A

        This contest has been so much fun! It has been such a wonderful way to self soothe with cooking (with a little extra motivation). I’ve been making your dishes for some time now, and they are always amazing and big hits when I’m cooking for friends and family. You really have great taste and quite the refined palate to be able to get it right every single time! Thank you for inspiring such a fun month of meals!

        1. Kaitlin @ Rainbow Plant Life

          Aw, thank you so much for participating, Janet! We’re so happy you’ve been enjoying the challenge :) I’ve passed the message to Nisha!

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