Welcome to the new blog!

Hello, hello!

You might have noticed that things look a little bit different around here, and I’m so excited for you to get to know my new and improved website. 

Keep on reading for what you can expect on my new blog and how you can lend a hand to make it even better!

I am so very excited to share my new and improved website with you all! I’ve been working on this project for almost 6 months, and the big day is finally here! 

What you’ll find on my new website 

I was inspired to build a new site for two main reasons.

First, the old site had begun to feel a little stale and was in need of a brand refresh. As you peruse the new site, you’ll notice that a new logo, new fonts, and entirely new design.

Old logo and new logo side by side

Rainbow Plant Life is about vibrancy and fun, and it was important to me that the look and feel of the site reflected that.

Second, and more importantly, the old site did not deliver a great experience to you, the readers. To highlight but just a few improvements you’ll find here:

  • A jump-to-recipe button on each page makes it easier for you to go right to the recipe if you want to skip over my ramblings. Of course, you should always read my ramblings because that’s where I pack in useful general and recipe-specific cooking tips.
  • Each recipe will have a print button, making it easier for you to, well, print the recipes. The old site did not allow for this. We’re still in the process of adding this to every page (more on that below), but it will be a big help.
  • Search is much easier thanks to better filtering, including dietary filters.
  • There’s now a dedicated Lifestyle section of the site. Here, you’ll find resources on cooking, veganism, photography and social media, wellness, productivity, as well as personal posts. 

Please keep in mind that migrating a website from Squarespace to WordPress was no easy task. As such, a lot of the migration work was manual. 

Given the amount of work involved, not every post is yet fully updated with a printable recipe card, jump-to-recipe button, updated dietary tags, etc. My team has worked really hard to update my top 100 blog posts, so hopefully the post you land on will look perfect(ish). And we will continue to update the rest of the posts over the next few months. 

How you can help! 

I put so very much time and energy into my content (and particularly into this blog revamp over the past few months) because I want to give you, my lovely readers and followers, the best possible experience.  So, if you have a few minutes, I would really appreciate your help in making my site even better!

Leave a star rating on any recipe you’ve made

Apologies for being so gauche, let me explain.

Star ratings help my website because they indicate to Google and other search engines that my recipe is valuable and/or trustworthy. This, in turn, improves the search ranking for that given recipe or blog post, making it more likely that new users will find the recipe and give it a try.

So, if you’ve ever made one of my recipes in the past and enjoyed it, it would mean so much to me if you left a five-star rating

Leave a comment

You guys know I love to hear from you. While we were able migrate almost all of the comments from the old site to the new site, comments that were left recently (after the migration date ~ November 11, 2020) could not be included. 

So, if you recently left a comment on a recipe you love and wish to re-post that comment and give it a star rating, that would also be super

See something? Say something

There are so many pages and posts to go over (like so many more than I remembered lol). So we haven’t had time to catch every issue that arose during the site migration.

So, if you see something funky, let me know! For example, if a URL appears broken or a page isn’t working or there’s anything else that seems off, please email [email protected]

Thank you so much for your help in making this space fun, rewarding, and delicious! 

Why I didn’t include nutritional information in my recipes 

While I’ve included dietary tags for common allergens and food sensitivities (e.g., gluten-free, soy-free), I deliberately did not include a nutritional facts/calorie counter plugin for a few reasons.

One, I had an eating disorder as a teenager. It wasn’t a severe one, but I was more than obsessed with counting calories and cutting out fat from my diet. Despite being underweight, I still thought I was fat and shamed my body for many years. Counting calories and disordered eating are no longer part of my life, and I certainly don’t want to facilitate that behavior with my content.

Two, if you are interested in calculating the nutrition content in a particular recipe, there are several apps, like My Fitness Pal, that make it easy to do so. Just plug in the ingredients listed in a recipe and calculate from there.

Finally, my focus on health is holistic and balanced. I believe that if you are eating plant-based food and cooking most of your meals at home, you’re already doing really well! And I hope my recipes demonstrate how abundant, rewarding, and delicious a vegan diet and lifestyle can be! 

Any other feedback? Drop it down below in the comments. I can’t wait for you to have a peek around the new blog! 

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38 comments on Welcome to the new blog!

  1. Diana

    Love the redesign of the new site! Today I googled vegan banana bread with aquafaba and your recipe popped up! That’s what I’m baking tonight!

  2. Tsili Wolf

    Hello Nisha!
    Love so many of your recipes after finding you when searching for vegan dishes to make for my vegeterian daughter who was breatfeeding a very allergic baby.
    Red Lentil curry is now an absolute favorite. Malai Kofta is on the menu next.
    I have a couple of questions.
    – Looking to invest in a Vitamix but don have luck with refurbished kitchen apliances. Any other suggestions for a Vitamix model.
    – Looking for a vegeterian Jewish chicken matza ball soup. The matza balls are the easy part since my daughter can eat eggs. I haven found a soup that I like that replicates the taste of the original holiday favorite.
    Thank you,

  3. Sonia Podkameni-Brown

    You are so awesome ! I introduced your recipes to my family (me hubby and 2 kids) twice a week ( it’s a start ! Lol) and they actually really like!
    Keep doing your great recipes and great sense of humor . U r funny ! Love your videos specially when wine is part of it ! :)

  4. Maggie Cupper

    Do not forget about photo editing!

  5. Brenda

    Congratulations on the new site!!! It looks amazing….I love your videos and recipes so THANK YOU so much for all of your hard work!!!! I will most definitely be visiting often………..Brenda

  6. Nancy Halloran

    Just discovered you Nisha after going whole foods plant based last fall. I love how many layers of flavouring you add to your recipes and how you give substitutions to make it still work. I put my mom on a WFPB diet last fall also and since then she has lost almost 40 pounds and has gone from a crazy amount of insulin 4 times a day to insulin only at bedtime and that amount is steadily decreasing. Thank you for sharing all you do.

  7. Gloria Thomas

    Hi Nisha! I discovered you recently on YouTube and think I have watched almost all of the content you have put out. I am new to Vegan and am trying to learn all I can before diving in! I have started stocking some essentials and beginning to experiment with the help of your Instant Pot cookbook (love it!). The website looks beautiful and I know what you do is appreciated by many as well as myself. You are approachable, aren’t afraid to be silly and so much fun to watch, and all your creations look amazing!

  8. mary

    I’ve always loved your blog Nisha but this new layout is simply beautiful! Congratulations and I look forward to more deliciousness!

  9. Adchara

    Congratulations on your new site. I am grateful it is here and look forward to further exploring it. I just recently discovered your work and am looking forward to trying your recipes. I love everything about your videos, pacing, info, humor atmosphere and philosophy. I am really looking forward to making a recipe every couple of weeks. I am so grateful for these and your work. Thank You :)

  10. Midnight

    Im not sure if I’ve made one of your meal yet but I will sort through what I’ve saved and make note to leave feedback. I first discovered you on Youtube and Im looking to transition more plants and fruits into my life (it’s kinda rough because they’ve never been very big in my life and it’s hard to love new textures and flavours). I’m trying though and making note of what works. One thing I learned is that I want my plants to have as much flavour as everything else so I appreciate that you have Indian meals and other culturally flavoured food and not just blanched broccoli or whatever. ❤️

  11. Jodi

    Your new website looks absolutely amazing! Which WordPress theme have you used? You inspired me to purchase an Instant Pot, and now that I have your cookbook, I need to get busy and try some new recipes!

  12. Dee

    You never fail us! Your recipes are soooo flavourful and delicious. We just made your cheese sauce. I added a couple of carrots as I didn’t have enough butternut squash, and it didn’t change a thing. Just wow!

    Oh I kept the stock from the instant pot for soup tomorrow. Yum.

  13. Gwen Keeble

    I just recently found your you tube channel and website. I am so grateful for your recipes and tips! Thank you.

  14. Cory

    I just watched your take on the TB Crunch Wrap Supreme and wanted to reach out. I LOVE that you make faces and say that something didn’t taste right. (I am SO tired of every recipe video ending with the cook oohing and ahing over their own cooking)
    But also, I make those same faces myself! & when you flipped the lid for the food processor – also what I find myself doing.
    & right before you said something about there’s never too much guacamole, I said the same thing!!
    I am convinced we are kindred spirits!!
    Thank you for your videos and help and inspiration! I appreciate you!
    PS – I will get your book when I move to Costa Rica and purchase an Instant Pot!

  15. Stephen MacNeil

    I absolutely love your new website! Congratulations! You have been such an inspiration to me and I owe you much thanks! Wishing you continued success and a wonderful 2021!

  16. Maria

    Thank you very much for your inspiration and your cook videos dear Nisha. It help me a lot in this weird time…Happy to get your newsletter…and your book is so beautiful and easy to follow. Stay safe ! Greetings from Germany.

  17. Maureen

    New blog looks beautiful!!! I’ve watched you on YouTube for a bit! Just went back to the beginning and binged all your videos!!! Working on adding in things to heal my gut! Thanks for all your content!

  18. Ann S

    Wow Nisha, snazzy! I’m going to pour over your new website for the next few days. One of the best features I can see already is the print button for recipes. Now it will be easy to print new recipes and keep them in your beautiful book next to some of my current favorites. And the best thing….. I got a Vitamix for Christmas. Gonna be busy…….

  19. Siska

    Congratulations on everything new in your life. You are truly an amazing person and thank you for bringing that into my life through your recipes. I almost never use other sites for inspiration and I always recommend you when people are looking for inspiration.
    Sending you vegan love all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark. 😍😍

  20. Maria B.

    Nisha, I wanted a way to express to you how valuable your blog and videos have been in my life during this year. As a transitioning vegetarian/vegan, you helped me to appreciate cooking and beautiful food. I learned how to cook and learned more about the food I didn’t know about. You are a person I’m very grateful for in 2020. I love the new website and I look forward to seeing you each week as I meal plan for 2021. Thank you!

  21. Alex Cua

    Love the new blog, Nisha! Thank you for being so brave and sharing your story about your past with eating disorders. I really admire your reasoning behind not including nutrition info, but also love your reassurance of how eating a plant based diet is a win in itself. I love how all of your recipes are about balance and sustainability. I’ve been a vegetarian for 4 years and you are one of the reasons why I’ve been inspired to go vegan in 2021. Looking forward to utilizing your recipes in my vegan journey, already got your cook book on display in my kitchen :) Love and respect all that you do!

  22. Chitra

    Hi Nisha, love your new site and love the you tube videos. I was wondering if you use an air fryer? What do you think of them? I was debating whether or not to get one and was curious what you thought. Thank you for making it easier to cook vegetarian, and love your cookbook as well!!

    1. Nisha

      Hi Chitra, so happy you’re enjoying the new site! As well as my cookbook and my videos L) I do not have an airfryer (not enough counter space), but my parents use one and quite like it for getting a similar texture to fried foods with less oil.

  23. lara

    nisha, i love the new website! one can see the improvements and i love that you explain everything so thoroughly! also, i’m so glad you deliberately decided to not include nutritional information – it’s so important. anyways i appreciate all the work you do: for youtube, the socials and this blog. thank you so much! happy holidays and a fresh start into 2021 ☺️

  24. Coen

    I am LOVING the new website design! I was on your chocolate tart recipe page and noticed the “jump to recipe” button and literally GASPED! I didn’t realize just how useful a button like that was and it made it super easy to just check out the details. I still went back up to read everything because I love reading it ALL, but it was so cool to just have that experience. I don’t see it on other websites. Everything also looks so clean, neat, and vibrant! Efficient. It has inspired me for my own website. Thank you for all you do!!! You are #goals in many ways. :)

  25. Selena Putri

    Hi Nisha,

    From experience I know how much time and energy goes into revamping a website. Congratulations and amazing work! This beautiful new blog of yours shows you don’t just give us amazing recipes, photographs, content, but that you can also wrap your head around website editing, maybe even code. It can be frustrating work, a lot of learning from scratch, and so I applaud you!!!!! I myself had a food blog that was a hobby and it was taking so much time and energy that I had to press pause. But you are inspiring me to keep learning and growing :)

    You are bookmarked :) and I can’t wait to keep seeing new recipes. From my heart to you, and merry Christmas!


    Hi !!!
    I am so excited I can now print your stuff so I can have some room for pictures on my phone now 😂😂. I used to take pictures of all of the food that I made from your site . You are helping me so much to become almost 100% plant based .
    Thank you so much , best of luck 🙏

  27. Natalie

    A PRINT RECIPE BUTTON!! GAMECHANGING!! I have spent the past few days copying and pasting you into Microsoft word…never again. Love love love the change and you! Thanks!

  28. Christina Leopold

    Congrats Nisha, the new logo and website are absolutely stunning! And all of these additional features are so helpful for working through the recipes. I just switched websites this year as well so I know exactly how much work it is! Well done ❤️

    Christina x

    1. rainbowplantlife

      Hi Christina! You are too sweet. I appreciate the love. It is a ton of work haha. I hope it wasn’t too much of an ordeal for you!

  29. Ila

    Super excited for you, and us! The new site looks perfect!

    1. rainbowplantlife

      Woohoo! I’m so happy you’re excited, Ila! I am too!

  30. Caroline

    So excited about the site improvements! It looks awesome and thank you for your hard work and amazing recipes!

    1. rainbowplantlife

      Thank you so much for your support and kind words, Caroline!

  31. Shonda Hector


    I keep coming back to see your recipes and watch you on YouTube. The recipes are so colorful and full of life – just the way I like them. I’m so glad I found your content.

    I’m just now seeing the new website. Thanks for making it easy to navigate and please continue to do what you do. You inspire me!

    1. rainbowplantlife

      Hi Shonda! How sweet are you! I’m so happy you’re enjoying my Youtube videos. Hope the new site will be useful for you!

  32. Dana

    Congrats on the new site! 🎉 🥳 👏

    It looks amazing and just feels more you. So excited for the new features!

    1. rainbowplantlife

      Thank you, Dana! Definitely feels more me :)

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