2023 Vegan Gift Guide

Whether you’re shopping for your favorite vegan or a family member who appreciates a creative gift, this gift guide is packed with unique holiday gifting ideas!

From cookbooks and kitchenware to beauty and fashion, you’re guaranteed to find a fun or practical present for your loved ones.

Many of these gifts are either sustainably made or geared towards a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle!

This vegan gift guide is full of unique, fun, and practical gifts that I personally love and recommend! Perfect for the vegan in your life, as well as anyone who deserves a creative gift!

From kitchenware to fashion and beauty to books, there’s something for everyone in this guide.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something here through a link, I may receive a small commission. There is no additional cost to you and it helps me continue doing the work I love (win-win!). See my privacy policy for more information.

Table of contents:
1. Cookbooks
2. Kitchenware
3. Food Gifts
4. Home and Electronic Gifts
5. Beauty and Fashion Gifts
6. Experiential Gifts


The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook

My debut cookbook has to be on this list, obvi. It contains more than 90 wholesome yet indulgent vegan recipes that are made easy with the Instant Pot, plus a comprehensive primer on how to cook all your common vegan foods in the Instant Pot.

Buy for: The Instant Pot fanatic (you know who they are, they can’t stop talking about the Instant Pot).

The Complete Guide to Salads

Did you know I released an eBook this year about how to make great salads? Combining salad principles, meticulously tested recipes, and practical tips, this eBook has everything you need to master salad forever, no matter your experience level. Use code BLACKFRIDAY for 50% off!

ad for meal plans program with picture of woman with button

Buy for: Someone who needs to eat more vegetables.

Craving Vegan

I can’t say enough good things about Sam Turnbull’s latest cookbook! This book is jam-packed with creative yet accessible vegan recipes that satisfy all your cravings: cheesy, creamy, meaty, and more. It’s rare that I flip through a cookbook and want to make everything, but this book is it!

Buy for: A devoted vegan foodie who loves comfort food.


Nik Sharma is one of my favorite chefs, and he seamlessly combines his background in molecular biology with his love for vegetables in his new cookbook. It’s part vegetable education (you’ll learn how to pick and store all kinds of vegetables, how to prepare them, etc., part cookbook with unique vegetable-forward recipes.

Buy for: The food science nerd (I mean that in the best way possible) and/or vegetable lover. PS: This book is not vegan but does contain many naturally vegan recipes or recipes that are easy to veganize.


Another new vegetable-forward cookbook from a chef I admire! The book is an ode to Hetty Liu McKinnon’s late father, a fresh produce supplier, and she beautifully weaves into her recipes just how deeply food is intertwined with identity. Each chapter is devoted to a vegetable, and her recipes include fun, creative ways to use Asian vegetables.

Buy for: The experienced cook who’s looking to branch out. PS: This book is vegetarian, but many recipes are naturally vegan and others include tips on how to make the recipes vegan.


Vitamix Propel Series 750 Blender

Arguably one of the best blenders on the market, this baby will take your plant-based cooking to the next level. It gets you those super smooth sauces and nut butters in just a minute or two, the motor is so powerful, and the warranty is long (because it’s a well-made product). It’s not on sale often, so this is a great deal if you need a high-powered blender (but the sale won’t last long!).

Buy for: Someone you really love because it’s not cheap (this can include yourself!) and who wants to take their cooking to the next level.

Vitamix Immersion Blender

I was never wowed an immersion blender until I treated myself to this one last year. It works like a regular blender in so many applications, including difficult-to-blend ingredients like my Thai green curry paste. Plus, it’s convenient for blending soups directly in the pot (fewer dishes, wheeee!).

Buy for: The home cook who’d rather watch Netflix than wash a lot of dishes (I guess, all of us?).

Zwilling Knife Set

Getting three German-engineered knives for this price is an incredible deal*. With proper care, these will last many years. I have a similar Zwilling chef’s knife that is razor sharp and super easy to handle.

*These knives are on sale for a limited time, so I’d recommend buying now!

Buy for: The family member whose embarrassingly dull steak knife collection is in dire need of replacement.

Stasher Reusable Silicone Storage Bags

Purchasing a set of these stasher bags has helped me cut down on single-use plastic bags (and they’re dishwasher-safe!). A must in any modern kitchen.

Buy for: The eco-conscious home cook.

OXO Good Grips Handheld Mandoline

This mandoline will save you lots of time on vegetable prep AND it works just us well as a full-size mandoline but it’s a quarter of the size and price. It makes for the best stocking stuffer (just make sure the safety guard is on; otherwise, it makes for a very dangerous stocking stuffer).

Buy for: That friend who loves cooking but has a small kitchen.

Wooden Salt Cellar

Another great stocking stuffer! The tastiest dishes are well-seasoned at various stages, and having your salt handy in an adorable container certainly helps with that. The swivel lid makes this one easy to open and close.

Buy for: Anyone who cooks. Literally!

Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor

A great food processor like this model is a game-changer for making dips like hummus or pesto, sauces, salsa, nut butters and more. I also love using the slicing blade to quickly shred veggies for salads and slaws instead of slicing by hand.

Buy for: The home cook who wishes they could make everything from scratch but is a little strapped for time.

Staub Heritage All-Day Pan With Domed Glass Lid

As the name suggests, you can use this pan all day long. I use mine to sauté vegetables, deep fry cauliflower for Gobi Manchurian, and even make soups or vegan tagine. It’s a well-made and gorgeous piece of cookware you’ll be delighted to have on your countertop or stove and will last years if not decades!

Buy for: The family member or friend who cooks for a crowd on a regular basis.

Cuisinart Electric Spice-and-Nut Grinder

A spice grinder is one of the easiest ways to level up your cooking! Whole spices add so much depth of flavor and complexity, particularly in Indian dishes. With a few blitzes, you can transform rock-hard whole spices into powdery form.

Buy for: The lover of Indian food (shouldn’t that be all of us?).

Le Creuset Rectangular Dish (12″ x 9″)

This one is perfect for making baked dishes like lasagna or my vegan moussaka. And much prettier than a standard glass baking dish.

Buy for: The avid baker and/or casserole maker.

Instant Pot Duo Plus

The Instant Pot is a workhorse in my kitchen – I use it for soups and stews, preparing pots of lentils or beans for meal prep, or even grains like rice for dinner. A great gift combined with a copy of my cookbook, The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook!

Buy for: The home cook who wants to spend less time in the kitchen.

Food Gifts

Trade Street Jam Co. Gift Set

Delicious, spoonable vegan jams made with fewer sugars and without stabilizers…that also support a small Black woman-owned business—what could be a better foodie gift? PS: The smoked peach jam is to-die-for!

Buy for: The friend who likes her sweet treats on the more wholesome side.

Momofuku Umami Essentials Starter Pack

What can I say? I’m a sucker for umami-rich condiments. The Momofuku Chili Crunch is a near-daily staple in my kitchen that brings together simple lunches of grain + protein + vegetable in a very fun way. The savory seasoned salt is like supercharged flavor bomb salt. Try it with my Tofu Scramble, then thank me!

Buy for: Your vegan friend who misses the savory flavors of meat.

The Essential Capsule by Brightland

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you already know that Brightland is my absolute favorite olive oil brand. Nothing compares to the flavor and freshness of their cold-pressed olive oils, which are made from olives grown on a family-run olive farm in California. Just a drizzle of a Brightland olive oil + Brightland vinegar is all you need to make incredibly delicious salads.

Buy for: Your foodie friend with a bougie palate.

Burlap & Barrel’s Fundamental’s Collection

Again, if you’ve been following me for a while, you already know how much I adore the spices from Burlap and Barrel. Not only are these single-origin spices so much more flavorful than standard store-bought spices, but they’re also sustainably farmed by small farmers who are paid fair living wages. Choose from the 6-piece, 9-piece, or 12-piece sets.

Buy for: The adventurous cook (OR the person who thinks garlic powder is the only spice they need).

Looking for a homemade gift idea? My homemade vegan fudge is the PERFECT easy gift! Just 6 ingredients and 20 minutes of active time.

Diaspora Co. Build Your Own Spice Shelf

Another fabulous small spice business to support, Diaspora Co. sources high-quality spices from small, multi-generational farmers in South Asia who are paid an average 4x premium for their regeneratively farmed, single-origin spices. Pick your spices and choose from the 6-piece, 9-piece, or 12-piece sets.

Buy for: The lover of Indian food (again, shouldn’t that be all of us?).

Sipwell Wines Signature Box

When you hear canned wine, you might think rowdy college party. But my latest wine obsession comes in a can and it’s SO good. Sipwell’s wines are award-winning (truly, the wines have won actual awards!), and the cans are much more convenient to bring on adventures and vacations than glass bottles. Plus, the wines are vegan and made from sustainably farmed grapes. And the biz is 100% woman-owned and woman-run.

Buy for: The wine lover who’s open to something different.

Seed and Mill Halva Trio

One of my most favorite desserts is the halva from Seed and Mill, makers of the best-ever tahini. I didn’t even think I was a halva person until I tried these outrageously delicious treats. The trio features three 8-oz boxes of their best-selling flavors: Pistachio, Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, and Toasted Sesame!  

Buy for: The tahini lover, or really any dessert lover.

Golde Matcha Kit

I ditched my morning coffee for matcha years ago and have never looked back. Lately, I’ve been loving the matcha from Golde. This set comes with their ceremonial-grade matcha and an excellent electric frother so you can make super frothy matcha lattes at home. Give the gift of steady, calming, non-jittery energy and support a small Black woman-owned business.

Buy for: The friend who always complains about spending her paycheck on $7 lattes.

Home and Electronic Gifts

East Fork Pottery Bitty Bowl 4-Pack

Another mission-oriented brand I’ve been using for years, East Fork makes the most beautiful ceramics in a wide variety of colors. The bitty bowls make the perfect fancy yet affordable gift and can be used for personal-sized sauce bowls or for salts/spices, or even to hold votive candles. If your budget is bigger, check out their Everyday Bowls.

Buy for: The avid entertainer who likes to host in style.

P.F. Candle Co. Soy Wax Candle

I can’t get enough of these candles and have amassed quite a collection in the last few years (I’m a sucker for the sweet grapefruit scent). Their neutral yet classy appearance means they look great in any setting. These candles are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of parabens and phthalates.

Buy for: Anyone (because who doesn’t like a nice-smelling candle??)

Hatch Restore Sunrise Alarm Clock

Waking up to an annoying iPhone ringtone at 6 a.m. is so 2022. Instead, wake up to the soothing sounds of ocean waves or white noise along with a gradual sunrise lamp that will gradually rouse you from sleep.

Buy for: Anyone who needs better sleep (i.e., about 90% of Americans).

Apple Watch SE

There are newer, fancier models of the Apple Watch available, but this is the model that I have. It works great, and I can honestly say it has been instrumental in helping me get back into shape this year. The heart rate tracker has pushed me to go a little harder during my workouts and sharing my activity stats with a friend has encouraged me to close my activity and exercise goals each day.

Buy for: Yourself (you deserve it).

Shiatsu Foot Massager

A dear friend got me this after I complained to her about how much my feet hurt on days when I have all-day video or photo shoots. I was pretty skeptical but it’s actually been quite helpful in reviving my feet after a long day. Don’t forget to clip the coupon for 15% off at checkout!

Buy for: The friend whose job requires her to be on her feet a lot. Or the tired new parent in your life!

Beauty & Fashion Gifts

Sunniemade Body and Haircare Set

My latest self-care obsession. Started by my friend Sarah Spliethoff, Sunniemade makes the best shampoo and conditioner bars as well as body bars. I love that every product is plastic-free, which is so hard to find in this space. The mango moisturizing set linked above is my current fave but every product I’ve tried makes you smell and feel absolutely amazing. Use code GRATEFUL for 30% off (limited time).

Buy for: Your eco-conscious bestie who could use a spa day.

Hana Hana Beauty Shea Butter

Come winter, my skin gets all kinds of dry in the Southern California climate, and shea butter is the only thing that makes a noticeable difference. I love the short list of natural and healing ingredients in their shea butter (and the lemongrass scent!), plus the brand’s social impact work in both Ghana and the U.S.

Buy for: Anyone who lives in a dry climate and could use a skincare boost.

Live Tinted E-Gift Card

Live Tinted is my favorite makeup brand for many reasons. Started by the inspiring Indian entrepreneur Deepica Mutyala, it offers beauty and skin care products that work for all skin tones and colors, especially us melanated folks who are often overlooked in the standard beauty industry. The products are also vegan, cruelty-free, and affordable! Since makeup shades are very individualized, I recommend a gift card.

Buy for: The friend who loves to have fun with makeup.

Hedley & Bennett Smock Apron

If you’ve seen my YouTube videos over the past year, you know I’m a huge fan of these smock-style aprons from Hedley & Bennet. They’re comfy, practical in the kitchen, and cute (every time I wear one, a viewer asks where I got my dress or jumper from!).

Buy for: The stylish home cook.

Bombas Women’s Gripper Slipper Bootie – Sherpa Lined

I recently got these slippers from Bombas (thanks, hyper-targeted YouTube ad!) and I couldn’t be more pleased. They feel like a warm hug for my feet, which is exactly what I need in winter. Note: Some Bombas products are made with wool. Select the sherpa-lined bootie to keep things 100% vegan.

Buy for: That friend whose hands and feet are always icicles (that can’t be just me).

Girlfriend Collective Leggings

I have been a big fan of these compressive leggings since RPL’s community manager Kaitlin introduced them to me two years ago. Perfect for tough workouts, definitely not see-through like some brands (you know which brand I’m talking about!), and they’re made from recycled water bottles! They’re currently on sale, so buy them soon!

Buy for: The well-meaning friend who talks nonstop about her workout routine.

Experiential Gifts

National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass

An $80.00 Annual Pass that provides access to more than 2,000 recreation areas managed by five Federal agencies, with up to 100% of the proceeds being used to improve and enhance visitor recreation services.

Donate to a charity on behalf of a loved one

A good way to get into the holiday spirit is to donate to those in need! The above link is to an article by Live Kindly that shares 9 different vegan charities you can donate to on behalf of a loved one this holiday season.

Buy for: That friend who already has everything.

Trip to Your Local Farm Sanctuary

Take your loved ones on a tour of your local farmed animal sanctuary and meet the precious animals saved from the cruel factory farming industry. A meaningful excursion for people of all ages!

For: your favorite vegans (and soon-to-be vegans)

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  1. Anna

    Greetings from Indiana. Just received my first ever order of Maya’s Cookies and they are soooooo good! I’m surprised how fresh they still were since it took 6 days to arrive (next time I won’t ship over the holidays :). Thanks so much for recommending these in one of RPL’s past gift guides! We weren’t in a place to be able to buy them then, but I’ve kept them on our ‘want to try out some day’ list ever since and finally made the investment :)

    1. Kaitlin @ Rainbow Plant Life

      Hi Anna, that’s so lovely to hear! We are blessed here in San Diego with being able to purchase them at local farmers markets. They are the bomb! :)

  2. Joyce

    Hi Nisha! I was wondering if you add plant milk to your morning matcha? I’m thinking of trying it!

    1. Nisha

      Hi Joyce, it depends on the day! I’d say maybe once or twice a week, and I love it. I use an electric frother to make it frothy like a latte :)

  3. Amy

    Hello. I was wondering if you still had the name of the Japanese knifes Nisha recommended for the Amazon prime gift guide?


    1. Nisha

      Hi Amy, I’m not sure if we recommended Japanese knives during the deals day. I think it was also Zwilling. But the Japanese knives I do have and love are from a small business called Kan Knives. I think they are great quality.

      Here’s the website: https://kankitchen.com/

  4. Shami

    Hi Nisha,

    Thank you for the gift guide! Would you recommend the Levoit air purifier you mentioned in an insta reel? I’m shopping for an air purifier for our family:)

    Thank you!

    1. Nisha

      Hi Shami, yes we like the Levoit air purifier! We have been using it for the last year or so.

  5. Paul Moulton

    I was asked to contribute mashed potatoes and gravy to the family Thanksgiving meal. I know my Vegan gravy is a great recipe but when I was alerted to Nisha’s mashed potato recipe I decided to make them (did not add roasted garlic this time). Suffice to say the potatoes were a hit. I love Nisha’s recipes and have made others with great success. I appreciate the gift guide and will continue to support Nisha.

    1. Jenn

      My husband made Nisha’s mashed potatoes, too- also a hit!

    2. Nisha

      Hi Paul, thank you for your kind words! So glad you and your family members enjoyed the mashed potatoes!

    3. Kaitlin @ Rainbow Plant Life

      Thanks for the lovely review, Paul! :)

  6. Tobi

    I’m a big Nisha fan & this is a great gift guide! Just to note for the fellow vegans, the Bombas that are linked do contain wool 😢

    1. Nisha

      Hi Tobi! Sorry about that – we accidentally included the wrong link and are having trouble updating it on the blog (technology!). We’re working on updating it, but in the meantime the correct product is the “Women’s Gripper Slipper Bootie – Sherpa-Lined,” which doesn’t contain wool! Thanks for flagging that.


      1. Tobi

        Thank you, Nisha! These look super cozy and I’ve been looking for a pair!

  7. Maria D.

    I LOVE THESE IDEAS!! For our family we’re trading experiences as a present because we find that we’re just collecting too many things in our homes and I couldn’t think of what to give as my experience but now I’m going to take them to a farm sanctuary! Thank you!!! You’re my favorite blogger/youtuber! Happy holidays to you and your family Nisha!

    1. Kaitlin @ Rainbow Plant Life

      Awesome, Maria :) We’re so glad you’re a fan of the gift guide. It’s so wonderful to learn just about anyone can find something applicable on this list!

  8. gigi sandy

    This is the best vegan chili, it’s spicy and thick you don’t miss the meat at all mmmm!!! so delicious!! by making your own chili spices it gives it an excellent flavor. I’ve made this twice and its soooo good! thank you for sharing…

    1. Kaitlin @ Rainbow Plant Life

      So glad to hear you loved this recipe!

  9. Simona McKee

    Thank you for this! Great suggestions!

    1. Kaitlin @ Rainbow Plant Life

      You’re very welcome, Simona! We hope you got a little inspiration from it :)

  10. Stephanie

    I love your gift guide, beautiful and creative ideas. Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays!

    1. Kaitlin @ Rainbow Plant Life

      So lovely to hear that, Stephanie! Happy Holidays!

  11. cheryl

    Love this list. I am shopping for ME. I am in need of cotton rounds and am going to do the switch to reusable. Also, if the eye cream really helps dark circles, I’m in. Thank you!

    1. Kaitlin @ Rainbow Plant Life

      Awesome, Cheryl! So great to hear you found value in the gift guide.

  12. Heidi Findlay

    Where did you get your silver spice tins and the bigger bin you keep them?
    Thank you :)

    1. Support @ Rainbow Plant Life

      Hi there, they all come together in a set! You can find them on amazon here.:)

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    Great ideas, Nisha!! Thank you.

    1. Support @ Rainbow Plant Life

      Glad you love the roundup, Mallie!

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      Thank you for the wonderful comment, Kimberly! So glad you’re getting use out of this gift guide.

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    Thank you so much Nisha for sharing your great ideas!!
    Happy Holidays!❤️

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      Of course, thank you for reading the gift guide Gloria! Happy Holidays!

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    These are excellent ideas I wouldn’t have thought of. Thank you so much, Nisha!

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      So glad you find value in this gift guide, Jackie!

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    This is so helpful & well curated! Thank you for sharing!

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      Thanks, Laura! Glad you’ve found it useful :)

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