RPL Recipe Club

Every month, I’ll pick one Rainbow Plant life recipe. Your job is to make the recipe, take a picture, and send it my way.


In return, you’ll be entered to win a drawing for amazing kitchen prizes (think high quality knives, gorgeous dutch ovens, etc.). And, of course, you’ll have the pleasure of devouring another Rainbow Plant Life recipe!

RPL Recipe Club

RPL Recipe Club – September 2023

For September’s edition of #RPLRecipeClub, treat yourself to the delightful textures and vibrant flavors of my Quinoa Salad. Take it from me, a former quinoa hater, this salad is far from the mundane quinoa salads you’ve encountered in the past! Table of Contents1. What is the RPL Recipe Club?2. Last Month’s Winner3. September 2023 Recipe4….

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braised chickpea stew in dutch oven

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